My Supplements

Supporting the SlimRight program is SlimRight range of weight management supplements. These products are not a requirement of the 1-2-3 program, however when taken prior to meals, can support and accelerate acheivement of your weightloss goals.

  • Green Coffee Bean Capsules

  • - Proven quantities of GCB to actively support your body's metabolism of fats, sugars and carbs.
  • - Contains 190mg of natural Chlorogenic Acid - targets the fat on your butt, thighs and hips.
  • Metabolift Fat Burner with Green Tea & Garcinia

  • - Formulated with weight management ingredients Green Tea and Garcinia to help metabolic rates.
  • - 250mg HCA from Garcinia Quaesita to enhance fat oxidation. Boosts energy and seratonin levels
  • Detox'n'Burn

  • - Dual Action
  • - Supports detoxification. This reduces bloating & water retention for a flatter-looking stomach. Helps support your metabolism to burn more fat